SEO Weekly News March 1, 2019 search engine optimization news

Stop the silo madness! Effective site architecture for SEO and findability – Search Engine Land

The search engine optimization (SEO) industry is full of jargon. To many SEO pros, a sitemap is an XML sitemap. The whole SEOjargon thing can become a usability and user experience (UX) nightmare …

Search Engine Land|3 days ago

There are fundamental problems with relying only on Domain Authority metrics – Search Engine Land

The metrics which come from various SEO tools – be it Ahrefs, Moz, MajesticSEO or others – have been a hot topic ever since their conception. Metrics, like Domain Authority (DA) from the Moz …

Search Engine Land|21 hours ago

Content structure and structured data: Will they impact featured snippets? – Search Engine Land

In this article, I explore the difference between Structured Data and content structure as a continuation of John Mueller’s response in the Hangout. As an SEO who is in Google’s trenches day …

Search Engine Land|4 days ago

UPI|3 days ago

Search marketing company Botify raises $20M – TechCrunch

Co-founder and CEO Adrien Menard said that the opportunity in SEO is “even bigger now than in the past,” and that the problem is much broader problem than many realize. Over time, Botify has …

TechCrunch|3 days ago

John Mueller’s Greatest SEO Success Story Was…

A Reddit thread is asking folks to share their greatest SEO success story and there are some good ones. John said “Told someone to remove the setting that added the noindex to all pages. A fortune …

Search Engine Roundtable|1 day ago

How to Calculate the ROI of Your SEO Campaigns Using Google Analytics

A successful SEO marketing strategy typically results in more search traffic and better rankings, and those things are what lead to more money in sales. It’s important to understand that tracking …

Search Engine Journal|2 days ago

Top Nine SEO Tools Reviewed by Pearl Lemon Reviews

When it comes to SEO, the tools are as important as the processes and knowledge!But every year the SEO game becomes more complicated, more refined and challenging, even for SEOwhizzes.We need …

TG Daily|2 days ago

John Mueller Gives a Lesson on Competitor Research – Search Engine Journal

There was a discussion Twitter about competitor research and duplicating the SEO strategy. John Mueller entered the discussion and gave an answer that gave a profound insight into competitor research.

Search Engine Journal|1 day ago

How does a WordPress SEO malware injection work and how can enterprises prevent it?

Open source publishing software WordPress was again hit by an SEO malware injection attack in late 2018. Security expert Nick Lewis talks about how to protect the enterprise against WordPress malware injections both before and after an attack.|4 days ago

The Importance of Local SEO Services and Why You Should Invest in Local SEO

One of the most powerful tools for small businesses and retailers is local search. Be it doctor information, new cafes or handyman services, local search is increasingly driving customers to …

TG Daily|3 days ago

Binary Fountain and Rio SEO to Co-Host “How to Implement Reputation Management Strategies at the Enterprise-Level” Webinar

Presented by Binary Fountain, Rio SEO and Tidewater Physicians Multispecialty Group, the webinar will address strategies for implementing reputation management in enterprise healthcare organizations …

Stamford Advocate|3 days ago

5 On-Site SEO Factors That Matter Most

Here are the top five on-site SEO factors that you should always keep in mind when designing and auditing your website.

Search Engine Journal|1 day ago

The Super Bowl of Unrealistic SEO Expectations

On Super Bowl Sunday, many in the SEO community had the opportunity to agree or disagree with this sentiment. For those that missed it, the infamous site builder Wix returned to the Super Bowl …

Search Engine Journal|4 days ago

How important are featured snippets and how can you get them?

Despite the fact that featured snippets are a vital part of contemporary marketing and SEO success, however, many still struggle when it comes to properly leveraging featured snippets to the …S