SEO Weekly News March 22, 2019 search engine optimization news

As an SEO Fort Worth agency, we bring you this week’s search engine optimization news.

Council Post: Law Firm SEO: Six Tactics Attorneys Can Use To Start Seeing Results

Forbes|4 days ago
Lawyers in private practice face an extremely competitive environment in Google search. This post boils down some of the most basic law firm SEO tactics — specifically those that are most likely …

Council Post: Industrial SEO For B2B Companies: New Application, Same Strategy

Forbes|2 days ago
Marketing Strategist. In your quest to master business-to-consumer (B2C) digital marketing strategies, you may be overlooking some important business-to-business (B2B) opportunities. Industrial …

The Rise of On-Page SEO Tools: Pushing the Frontiers of SEO & Content

Let’s talk about cutting-edge SEO research that can truly transform your ranking success. While they are surely a part of the equation (and I am a deep believer of content quality, avoiding …

Robots.txt best practice guide + examples

The robots.txt file is an often overlooked and sometimes forgotten part of a website and SEO. What is a robots.txt file? A robots.txt file can be used for for a variety of things, from letting …

If it’s Not Just Keywords, How Does SEO Work?

WFMJ Youngstown|2 hours ago
Continued Google updates have all but eliminated any benefit gained from relying solely on keywords to rank well. Keyword stuffing for the purpose of ranking does nothing to enhance user experience …

Patent suggests how CTR, time on page could be used in search rankings (if Google did that sort of thing) – Search Engine Land

Earlier this month, Google was granted a patent for utilizing click-through rates as a potential ranking factor. As Google SEO patent expert Bill Slawski, the president of SEO by the Sea who …

SiteGuru improves your website with a detailed SEO audit

Building a website in this day and age is incredibly easy. No matter how much time you spend perfecting your website’s appearance, if it ranks low on search engines, nobody will see it. SiteGuru …

Excel Fuzzy Lookup for SEO: Effortless 404 and site migration redirects

In recent years, the nature of SEO has become more and more data-driven, paving the way for innovative trends such as AI or natural language processing. This has also created opportunities for …

Search Buzz Video Recap: More On Google March 2019 Core Update, Google Drops Rel Next & Prev & Neural Matching vs RankBrain

What a fun week in the SEO space – we had Google do some explaining or myth busting around the March 2019 core algorithm update, no – it wasn’t a reversal. Google just noticed that they have not sup

Why bother with user experience: UX tips for SEO experts and business owners

The times when ranking high in search results as the final goal have passed. As search algorithms are improving and there’s no place for keyword stuffing anymore, SEO experts should adopt for …

6 Actions You Must Take After an SEO Audit

Step one is commonly an SEO audit. An SEO audit can produce valuable insights. When investing time, energy, and actual dollars in an SEO audit, you are probably doing it with the goal of taking action afterward. The list of SEO items audited.

Tips to identify a solid SEO agency

TG Daily|4 days ago
It is a digital world. There are many ways in which you can enhance your search engine rankings and develop a good SEO strategy. One of them is to hire an SEO agency. There are many SEO agencies out there serving customers in multiple ways.