Jordan’s Right Hand

Disclaimer: We are sorry this page isn’t pretty. We’re exploding and swamped with new work. We are currently spending our time making clients’ things pretty….

Job Title:
Jordan’s Right Hand (Think Account Management + Content Marketer + SEO + Project Manager)

Chief Benefit:
This will be worth more than a $120,000 marketing degree from a university, because you will be learning in a leading-edge agency adopting new practices in real time. You’ll get “MAD SKILLZ” in SEO, Content Marketing, Client Interfacing, Pitching, Web UX, and more.

Are you a recent grad? This is a chance to put your academic learnings to the test in a real-world setting.

Part-time Initially
20 hours initially. This will grow to full-time as we scale.

If you turn out to be a rock star, you might one day be our director of accounts.

Time and Location of Work:
We can determine a schedule that fits, but it would be half-day blocks Monday-Friday at our home office in Haslet.

This is not a remote position most days. Reason being, I need this person to learn by sitting in the same office and overhearing a ton and able to see my screen while they work at a desk nearby.

This position starts at $14-16 per hour start but raises will come quickly as you help to foster growth and meet performance goals.

In addition, if you bring in a client through your sole-effort, you’ll gain an ongoing percentage of profit from that client. You could technically become a millionaire.

This is a 1099 role, not W-2. You’ll be a part of our distributed agency strategy but just working onsite.

Because this is 1099, there are no direct benefits. However, if you qualify, we can get you set up on a medical sharing account that only costs an individual $150 a month (and affordable family option available). After three months, we’ll start paying you 1/3 of your individual medical sharing each month, so coverage becomes only $100 for you.

Ideal Candidate:
I am not requiring any agency or marketing position experience. This is a bit like Southwest Airlines, we have a unique way of doing things and a strong culture.

Primarily, I need the person to be a quick learner.

I do need the candidate to:

  • want to be in marketing as a career direction, not just a job.
  • an incredible writer (both sales copy type and journalism/article type if possible)
  • creative but also not wearied by recurring tasks
  • able to handle themselves with decorum with clients
  • fast typist and mouse clicker
  • quick software learner / not new
  • someone who has their own up-to-date laptop (Mac or PC, I personally use Mac)
  • organized and can perform “air traffic control” between our team member and also with clients

Some of the Things You’ll be Doing
(This list is not exhaustive & will TRAIN YOU on how exactly you can do each thing.)

  • Create SEO and Digital Reports
  • Write client articles (very diverse) along with other writers
  • Learn the science/art of SEO and apply tactics.
  • SEO Optimize Client articles
  • Post client articles on sites
  • Post to Google My Business for Clients (including EXIF data to pictures)
  • Air traffic control tasks/projects between contractors, clients etc. (Typically emailing them asking for a resource/checking an assett, etc.)
  • Help me manage schedules
  • Help me manage content calendars
  • Post into clients social media
  • Help me keep websites updated
  • Create and monitor ROI on campaigns (social/AdWords/etc.)
  • Create “fix this” lists for site health
  • Handle aspects of project management
  • Expense reports/simple financial reports
  • Create pitch proposals to get new clients
  • Invoicing clients/accounts payable
  • Alert me to any client site/SEO issues found software
  • Meeting note taking


If you are interested in applying for this position, please email the following using the EXACT instructions to

  1. Make the Subject Line: I’d Like to Be Your Right Hand
  2. In the body, tell us by name who referred you to this job.
  3. In the body, tell us how you think you can benefit our agency by completing the following sentence “I believe I can help you by/with/because (you pick the / word and complete sentence)…” Feel free to add a 3-4 more sentences.
  4. After a line break from the section above, in the body, tell me a little about yourself and your background.
  5. Extra Credit: There is a misspelled word on this page. Find it and put it in your email body.
  6. Attach your resume.