Dallas, Texas

Dallas Texas is one of the most famous cities in the world. Famous for its oil industry as featured in the 80’s soap opera of the same name, the Dallas Cowboys and possibly for serving the biggest steaks on the planet Dallas is a fantastic place to live.

dallas texas

Dallas, TX Skyline

The history of Dallas is a rich and varied tapestry, starting back on the 2nd February 1856 when it was granted a town charter during the regular session of the Sixth Texas Legislature. It may be hard to believe that back in 1860 the population of Dallas was only 678. In 2016, the last time when official statistics were available, the population stood at 1.3 million. Dallas continued to grow focusing on producing cotton and other farm industries, but disaster struck when due to a national financial panic, cotton prices dropped drastically to below 5 cents a pound and many industries that Dallas relied upon such as lumber production and the flour market all but disappeared.

The types of industry that then powered the growth of Dallas, TX were quite diverse and certainly far removed from cotton and flour. In the early 20th century, Dallas was the number one marketplace in the SouthWest of the United States for drugs, books, and wholesale liquor. However, there was still plenty of time for yet another transformation, and today Dallas, Texas is now a vital hub for banking insurance and fashion.

Buying a Home In Dallas

Everything in Dallas is big, except the price of property, both residential and commercial. For those interested in renting their home, the average rental property is approximately $1600 per calendar month, with the average property price around $177,000 which does compare favorably with other areas in the United States. However, it is important to note that Dallas as city is experiencing significant growth, with prices growing by 9.9% last year alone. If you are considering buying a home in Dallas, then sound advice would be to purchase a property as quickly as possible.

Education in Dallas

For anyone considering raising a family in Dallas, the standard of education in the local schools could prove to be a decisive factor in the choice of where to live. The good news is that there are many excellent state and private schools scattered across Dallas. It is also fair to say that there are also some schools which perform particularly badly in the city. Therefore it is critical that before you buy a property in Dallas, that you consider which school and college you would like your child to attend, as there are limitations on which state schools your child can attend.

dallas hall SMU

Dallas Hall at SMU

Dallas is home to major universities including Southern Methodist University, University of Dallas, University of Texas Dallas, Dallas Baptist University, and Paul Quinn College. 

Shopping In Dallas

Dallas is a place where credit cards fear to tread, as there are so many wonderful shopping malls that will encourage you to splash the cash. The NorthPark Center is always a great place to visit, with a huge variety of excellent stores. In an easy to reach location, that prides itself on cleanliness, and a warm Texas welcome. The Galleria Mall is another high-end shopping experience to savor. For a non-mall experience, try the Shops at Parklane.

Is Dallas A Good Place To Raise A Family?

For anyone considering moving to Dallas especially those with a young or expectant family, this question is essential to answer. An often overlooked benefit to raising children in Texas is the wonderful weather. Your children will have the opportunity on most days to get outside, burn off some excess energy, and have fun. The community of Dallas is also very kid-friendly, with lots of museums and exhibitions running child-focused events. The Dallas Zoo, for instance, is the largest in the entire state, housing over 2000 animals and 400 different species. Crime comparatively speaking is also low, there is an average of 4829 crimes committed per 100,000 residents, which although higher than average across the country as a whole is low compared to other urban areas of a similar size.

The State Fair of Texas is also located in the heart of Dallas, containing Fair Park Music Hall, the Cotton Bowl, and other attractions. 

Is Dallas A Good Place To Consider Launching A Business?

Although we may be a bit biased, Dallas could well be one of the best places in the world to start a business at present. The city is booming, house prices are growing, and people are looking to move to Dallas all the time. The job market is buoyant and shows no sign of slowing, which means that anyone opening a business has access to some of the best minds in numerous different fields of expertise. Did you know for instance that Dallas continually tops the list of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the country? In addition the Dallas-Forth Worth International Airport can be your gateway to the world. Dallas truly does have all of the most important factors to ensure the success of any business startup in the United States.

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