The LUCID Process

When you want to know your marketing is headed in the right direction for real revenue growth.

The LUCID Process is our recommended starting point for those clients looking for ongoing, large-scale marketing services. This exercise addresses both your company’s marketing messages and digital marketing strategy.

The Lucid Process

The LUCID Process benefits your business, increasing your marketing ROI by:

  1. Creating clearly stated marketing messages that convert. All of your marketing content (almost) writes itself once you have this powerful template in hand. (This includes, websites, brochures, displays and any other marketing pieces.)
  2. Recommending the exact digital marketing strategies you need to get you discovered and trusted online, while outshining any competitor.

How does The LUCID Process help Our Company’s messaging?

We work with you to dial in your messaging, as we:

  • Determine and define every available target audience.
  • Construct target audience personas for each audience.
  • Perform key client interviews to discover why they initially chose and continue to choose to do business with you. (Hint: this is your true chief value no matter what you think it is internally.)
  • Perform competitor-messaging research.
  • Create a clearly stated Chief Value Proposition for each Target Audience.
  • Create a Differentiation Statement against each major competitor.
  • Create 9 concise Chief Benefits statements for each target audience.
  • Deliver this to you in an easy-to-access-and-utilize report.

    Clear Marketing Message

How do you determine our needed digital strategy?

We work to determine where you are on the digital landscape:

  • Determine the health of your website (if you have an existing site) including on-page and off-page SEO (search engine optimization).
  • Examine your current conversion metrics and determine design change recommendations to increase conversions.
  • Research the keywords upon which you most need to target and rank.
  • Determine your content gaps that need to be filled in.
  • Perform a full competitors audit including
    • sniping their sources of traffic.
    • keywords.
    • elements they use to to effectively draw traffic
    • site weaknesses
  • Perform a backlink audit to determine current and potential sources of backlinks and content distribution.
  • Audit your business’ social media and competitor’s social media efforts.
  • Audit any PPC (AdWords) or paid digital marketing your business or your competitor’s business are running.
  • Create a content calendar to guide you in future content creation.
  • Deliver an easy-to-understand report that provides exact recommendations on what it will take to dominate your market category.

Comprehensive Digital Website Audit using The LUCID Process

What will you have in hand at the completion of the process?

  • Step-by-step, exact changes that need to be made to your website.
  • Recommendations on needed messaging changes for better conversion.
  • A clear guide to the exact content that needs to be created on the website.
  • A concise guide of your chief value proposition and benefits that most resonate with your customer to aid you in writing that content (and every other piece of your marketing, by the way.)
  • The keywords you need to include in that content and across the site.
  • Suggestions on where and how to best distribute that content.
  • A content calendar to serve as a guide and schedule to keep creation on track.

Can Moon & Owl implement the recommended changes?

After The LUCID Process is complete, Moon & Owl can help you implement all or some of the recommendations. Or you can choose to implement any of the changes needed using your team internally if they possess know-how and time available.

Lucid Process Implementation

Who benefits from The LUCID Process?

Those who:

  • Find they are unsure how their digital marketing is performing.
  • Are B2B companies where topical expertise needs to be communicated.
  • Reach a large customer base with rapid conversions as a B2C business.
  • Don’t have a clear marketing messaging corporate guidelines.
  • Are thinking about making a change in their current digital agency.
  • Want a clear roadmap before they start significant marketing efforts.
  • Are a new business and have the opportunity to start things right in regards to their digital marketing and messaging.
  • Are adding a new service sector or product line.

We’ve performed The LUCID Process across the spectrum, for large, international corporations to the start-up, sole proprietor/entrepreneur.

What The LUCID Process participants say about its value.

The Lucid Process Client Testimonials

With The LUCID Process, I feel I've been given the keys to the kingdom.
-Stephen M., Digital Marketer using it for multiple clients.

“It is not a process for the faint of heart. You get a true evaluation of your company in terms of messaging and digital marketing that is brutally honest, while also being provided clear direction on where you need to go as a company. It definitely was worth the expense in terms of ROI.”
-Ezra S,. Capital Venture Partner for Medical Practices.

“I’ve never seen a tool so focused on actionable items that can improve both our messaging and our digital outreach’s ROI.”
-Ricky S., Superintendent of Schools, Keene ISD

“We had a ‘digital audit’ performed before. It was nothing like this in terms of its value and scope. We know exactly where we are heading digitally now. ”  
-Anna R. PinnacleTG.

What is the Cost for The LUCID Process?

While we have a clear process, each client’s LUCID needs are unique. The price varies slightly depending on the number of target audiences, quantity of services/product lines, size of company, and the competitive nature of the industry.

Generally speaking the pricing breaks out as follows:

  • Messaging Phase Only $3,000-$6,000
  • Digital Phase Only $2,200-$4,500
  • Comprehensive (Messaging + Digital) $8,000-9,700.

Some clients need both phases and some only one. We can help you determine your need in a free consultation. The price ranges depend on whether client/customer interviews need to take place and how many 

How we ensure your advantage.

We can typically grant you exclusivity either regionally or nationally, meaning none of your competitors can have the advantages you have as a result of the clear strategy The LUCID Process provides.

The LUCID Process FAQs

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