You want prospective clients and customers to gain a quick understanding of who you are and how you'll benefit them.

Our professional copywriters can compose content for your marketing materials to help you generate leads and sales.

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Here is why you should consider our copywriting services:

Copy That Converts

Every piece of content Moon & Owl writes for you answers this primal question that every reader has: How can this business benefit me?

The lyrics to the old Janet Jones song lyric, "What have you done for me lately?" holds true for all of the readers of your content.

Your readers don't care what you do. They care what you do for them.

We know, it sounds narcissistic. And while there are many times we humans rise above this, in our daily purchasing cycle and product/service decision making, we often default to this type of thinking.

We understand the psychology of decision-making and influence and use this knowledge to craft your content to gain audience conversion.

True Breadth: Quirky to Quintessential

Maybe you want fun and whimsical. Perhaps you need stately and professional.  

We've written for hipster beauty salons and world-renown surgeons. Our writers can adjust their style to match the tone your audience expects from your particular type of business.

We've even taken technical academic studies that few non-specialists can understand and made them accessible to the average reader. These rewrites allow you to leverage even the most complex content to grow your business.

How We Capture Your Voice

If you need a major project or ongoing writing, our copywriters will schedule an interview with you. We want to hear you speak and get inside your head, figuratively speaking.

We'll find out what is important to you, how you see your business, practice, or organization as unique, and even incorporate phrases you use.

We'll record the call or meeting to help us formulate your voice in writing.

What is a Copywriter?

Yes, a copywriter is a writer, but there is an added element. Copywriters re-arrange words on a page or website to make things sell better. Their salespersons who use text.

While someone who can write a great short-story or mid-term report might be a good copywriter, that isn't necessarily an automatic qualifier. They must understand how to move people from where they are–whether disinterested or searching but unsure of where to go–into liking and trusting you to provide the solution they need.

A great copywriter crafts words in a way that generously gives something valuable to the reader. The reader then thinks, "This is amazing. I must have this because it will benefit me so much."

SEO Copywriting

These days, getting found on the Search Engines is Ha-YUGE! Ranking #1 on Google can mean more money for your business or donations for your non-profit.

These search engines crawl each page of your site looking to see how the words on the page are structured.

The bots gather data, and the engines ask:

  • How many times was each word used on the page?
  • How do these words relate to one another?
  • Which words occur in sub-headings?
  • What synonyms should be used to give contextual clues?

Our copywriters are like Goldilocks. They know exactly how many times to use a keyword in your copy, so it's not too hot and not too cold.

Moon & Owl's team of writers knows how the semantic web works. That sounds complicated, but once you understand how the search engines "think," you can write in a way that ensures they have a clear understanding of the intent of the content. This helps you rank higher.

We have a powerful Text-Tools App which allows our writers to see what words the top ranking pages are using on their page and how often for a keyword you need to rank. We then "hijack" some of the most frequently occurring words and make sure they end up in your content.

Our writers know exactly how long an article or webpage needs to be to offer the greatest relevance to both the reader and the search engine.

Our SEO Tools make sure your content reads 100% unique to Google. No one else will have your copy. We never plagiarize, but even the best writers can duplicate a phrase from another website. When we find a duplicate phrase, we spin it just a bit until it reads 100% unique. Search engines love your unique content.

But you don't have to worry about clunky writing that sounds like it was written by a computer for a search engine. We know how to make your writing read naturally so that it appeals to your reader while still being optimized for the search engines.

Copywriting A/B Tests

Maybe you have two great ideas about what should be written (or our writers do, and you love them both). We can always run a classic A/B test online and present half your readers with Copy Version A and half with Copy Version B. Because we are pretty awesome at tracking stuff, we can tell you which content version won the test.

We'll give the winning copy a trophy, kick the loser to the curb, and then run an additional copy test.

You don't have to use A/B testing, but its available just in case you want to be a mad copy scientist with us.

Proofed to Perfection

No one wants musteaks mistakes in their writing. (That was on purpose!) We run all of your writing by our professional proofer. She is known to take an hour looking up obscure grammar rules that apply to a single, subordinate clause in your written text. She's a perfectionist, and we love her that way.

We also run each piece through a powerful tool that ensures we use the active voice as much as possible.

What Type of Copywriting Do You Need?

We've got you covered for all your writing service needs. We've written:

  • Web Pages
  • Online Articles
  • Blog Posts
  • Print Articles
  • Journal Articles
  • Direct Mail
  • Billboard Copy
  • Social Media Content
  • Ad Copy
  • Magazine Features
  • Press Releases
  • Long-Form Sales Copy
  • Radio Ad Scripts
  • Video Narration Scripts
  • Sales Slide Deck Copy
  • Sales Scripts
  • Presentation Copy
  • Product Packaging
  • Product Descriptions
  • Newsletters
  • Signage Copy
  • Digital Display
  • Digital Marketing
  • Quarterly Reports
  • Email Marketing Copy
  • White Papers

We're Speedy, But Never at the Expense of Being Great

When you need a project done, we'll provide you a clear timeline for completion. We typically include a round of revision in any project bid. We can allow for more rounds of revision in your proposal if you so desire. Once we get your desired changes, well make the requested tweaks. You'll get your text on time!

No Overseas Outsourcing

Well, one of our fantastic copywriters lives in London, but he writes the King's English quite well. All of our writers are native English speakers.

You Get Results

Your Moon & Owl copy will have prospective patients, clients, and customers contacting you, buying from you, and seeking your services.

Word Up!

We'd love to help your organization thrive in its written word. We'll be glad to share sample copywriting that matches your needs. Give us a shout, and we'll send it for you to review.

Copywriting FAQs

Bonus Feature: Get Your Branding Voice Report

If you want to take things a step farther, you can get a Brand Voicing report where we'll create a textual blueprint for your content. Just like your brand most has an official color palette, this copywriting service provides you with key phrases and ideas that should shape all your content–a word palette if you would.

The Brand Voicing Report is a great resource for your company. When you need to write your own content, you'll know exactly how you should frame it to be consistent with your brand.

Creating the report is a comprehensive exercise. In your report you'll get:

Brand Vision – Your reason for existing. It is a clear definition of your WHY!

Chief Value Proposition – Your #1 benefit you provide to each market segment.

Core Competencies – Your unique competitive strengths.

Brand Positioning – What customers should think about you.

Brand Personality – How you interact in written form with your customers.

Brand Essence – Your fundamental quality.

What you won't get for each item above is long paragraphs in the report.

We'll distill each item down to a short sentence or three words where your report ultimately fits on a single sheet of paper. A valuable sheet of paper you can keep on your desk to guide your writing and even your phone interactions.

Our clients who choose to avail themselves of the Brand Voicing Report always talk about how much time it saves them anytime they have to write anything. The report serves as a consistent North Star in their written communication. Every client has told us, "We'd do this exercise again in a heartbeat."