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Why SEO Matters for the Success of Your Business

Your potential clients, customers and patients search the internet looking for solutions. In fact, 80% of them will search the internet before

They have a need, a question, a problem they need to solve, or a possibility they need to secure. If your business can meet their need by solving their problem seizing their possibility, you NEED to be found in the search results. 

Having your listing buried on page 4 of Google or another search engine doesn’t make it likely the searcher will connect with your business.

We can solve this for you through a digital marketing strategy called SEO, where you get more customers through organic search in Google, Bing, and other search engines.

Most importantly, you'll able to see clearly how your SEO efforts are tied to increased revenue through transparent reporting. In fact, one metric that will inspire confidence is you knowing exactly how many dollars you are getting back in return on each dollar you spent on SEO efforts. 

Why is Moon and Owl the wise SEO choice for me?

The No SEO Packages Agency

We often get asked, "What are your SEO packages and how much do they cost?"

Our answer, we don't do packages. Your site and business are unique. Plugging into a generic, automated process isn't what you need. With Moon and Owl, you'll get a bespoke SEO solution tailored to your online strengths and weaknesses.

You will not be stuck with a one-size-fits all package that doesn't move the needle for your business, organization, or practice.

The No GuesSEO  Agency

If you go online to forums and social media, you will see all kinds of crazy ideas for SEO strategies. The fundamental problem is these "SEO experts" are regurgitating or guessing about strategy. 

With Moon and Owl, we'll explain exactly why each strategy works based on a fundamental understanding of Google as known through its patent filings. (Yes, we are nerds). Our clients love the confidence that comes from being educated about how Google works as their campaign develops. We don't keep you in the dark.

You'll have tested and repeatable SEO helping your business grow. 

The Not a One-Trick-Pony SEO Agency 

You'll get better results because we aren't a one trick pony SEO agency. Because we have a deep understanding of Google, the breadth of on-page factors and off-page factors shield your site from Google's ever evolving algorithm updates. One trick pony agencies often see their client's sites tank in rankings and traffic after an algo update.

As a Moon and Owl client, you'll not even know an algorithm happened because we use a multi-pronged strategy to keep leads coming. 

Can Moon and Owl help a business like mine?

Yes. We know how Google and the other search engines work. Because of this understanding, we are not niche dependent. We've helped a Fortune 50 company all the way down to local businesses. If you sell B2B or B2C services or products, are a retail store, ecommerce shop, medical practice, professional services or any other type of business, we've helped someone like you. We are happy to share references for you to call.

Do you l get locked into a longterm SEO contract?

No. If we don't deliver results, simply give us 30-days notice and you are out. We don't need to lock our clients into longterm contracts that makes them regret signing them. We have a 95%+ retention rate for our SEO clients. Why? Because our clients know what we are doing on their behalf and are confidence they know the ROI in terms of real dollars on their SEO investment. 

How will I know the SEO services are really working? 

You get a monthly detailed report showing your organic search revenue (what you really care about) including a clear FEDS statement (for every dollar you spent, you gained $X in revenue). The goal is to have this number to be at least a 1:5 ratio (since PPC is often 1:4), but we have many clients well above this, some in the 1:20 and 1:30+ range. 



How does Search Engine Optimization / SEO work?

Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others all have to have some way to order the results they present when someone searches a term. This term is called a keyword.

The algorithms that determine this order are quite complex. In fact, search engines now have shifted to not just matching words, but using Natural Language Process (NLP) powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). This shift means that the engines are smarter at understanding the meaning of a page. Many SEO agencies haven't adapted to this shift, yet. Because we study SE patents, we saw it coming. 

The search engine’s end goal is to measure how potentially useful and relevant your site would be to someone searching for a certain topic or keyword. They enter a term into the search bar, and the search engine returns both paid ads and unpaid, organic results (SERPs). 

When you create a website, like it or not, you are entering an online popularity contest. In fact, you are in a popularity contest for every individual keyword a user might use that matches your solution. To measure this popularity, search engines use signals.

Some of the main signals include:

  • How many links from other sites does each page on your site have? If lots of other websites are using your site as a reference point by linking to it, the search engines take note. The technical term for this is backlinks.
  • How many links do these sites that refer to your site have coming to them? In other words, are the popular sites then turning around and voting for your site by linking to you? This makes you one of the "popular kids," too. (Domain authority + page authority.)
  • When people search a term and then go to your site through the search, what do they do? Do they stay on your site for a long time or leave quickly? Do they click through to other pages on your site? (CTR or click through rate + dwell time).
  • How much content do you have on your site related to the topics, questions, and keywords for which they are searching? The more quality content you have, the more the search engines say, "Wow, this site knows a great deal about X, we should probably rank them higher." (Topical relevancy + topical depth.)
  • Is your site organized in a way so that the search engine understands how the valuable information on your site is grouped or is it all just random in its navigational structure? A well-structured site tells Google this is the main category, this is the sub-category, and this is the sub-sub-category. Google then says, "Let's rank the main category high, because it's reinforced by all these great sub-categories that have lots a great content." (site architecture + flat structure + silo structure)
  • Rather than just hoping all this happens to occur, search engine optimization is a service in which we make sure these signals are maximized. These strong signals garner you higher rankings, which means MORE visibility for potential customers, clients and patients to discover you are the solution for their need.

How Your Site Gets SEO Results!

Your site contains pages and keywords which Google and other search engines are trying to make sense of, asking: How do we make order these terms and pages and what weight do we give each?

Rather than let Google guess, we can indicate to Google what your site is about by creating clear structures of content inside your site, called silos.

A silo consists of strong keyword topical landing page with supporting content underneath it in the form of supporting articles.

Keep reading. Silos will make sense as we unpack the process.

Here is how each silo is built…

1. Full Digital Audit

It's important to know what is happening in the digital landscape to determine who is the competition, what it will take to compete in the space, and how strong is your current presence online. We do a full audit of you and your competitors to determine the you-are-here point on the digital map. This allows us to amplify your strengths and shore up your weaknesses. 

2. Entity + Keyword Research: Foundation of any SEO Efforts

Once we have the digital lay of the land, we begin the crucial task prioritizing topics (called named entities) and the keywords that go along with them. 

We look for topics and keywords related to your offerings that have a high monthly volume of search with buyer intent and conversion value.

It's important to focus on ranking the most important topics and keywords. If they are highly competitive they will take a considerable amount of focus. While those efforts continue, we also get you wins on longer tailed keywords to create leads, customers, and patients. 

Unlike many SEO agencies, we are very transparent about the strategies we use to gain you traffic and customers. We know you don't want to reverse engineer our SEO methods, you just want to see a great return on your investment in SEO services. 

3. Build the Silo Structure

We then take our entity and keyword findings and:

  • build your silos in a new site.
  • add them to your existing site.

The top of each silo begins with a great landing pillar page. This is typically centered around a service or product. We help you write these pages, tuning them to ensure they are composed to convert your readers and please the search engines. 

Next then build a blog/article category that sits in the site structure navigation under the landing pillar page.

This category area of your site is a place where new articles that extend the breadth of the topic.

All this content reinforces the top of the silo's landing page.
It makes the silo much deeper.

Google sees this and says, "This site has a great deal of valuable content about this topic We should rank them for this term."

We interlink these pages on your site in a way that makes Google and other search engines understand which topics and keywords are your highest priority (hint: those that get high search volume).  

4. Reinforce and Amplify the Top Silo Topics

This is where our SEO expertise shines. There are things that we can do, both on your site (called on-page SEO) and outside of your site (called off-page SEO), to make your silo shine and thus have your site increase in its rankings and qualified traffic.

On-Page SEO

Schema Code - We can put code Google wants in each silo that the visitor doesn't see but that tells the search engine more details about the page. Your schema will more detailed than any of your competitors, because we are leading-thinkers in how we node your schema code throughout your site. 

Interlinking -We create links from sub-pages and blog posts to the main landing page you are trying to rank. This sends all your SEO juice for a keyword that occurs across your site to a single page. We create authority across the site by using Google's PageRank algorithm in your favor. It's a powerful strategy. 

Fresh Content - Your site shouldn't be static. By adding fresh content, your topical depth grows and the search engines love this. We can help create a content schedule that provides readers important information and optimize your articles or ghostwrite them for you. Your content will have the benefit of or seven phase tuning system to ensure your article contains all the topics Google expects on the page, along with the proper length, schema and more. This is a highly effective content marketing strategy. 

Plug-ins - We use a special, limited-access plug-in that makes sure the search engines are seeing things in the exact hierarchy and manner we want them to. We are SEO Ultimate Pro certified. There is no better plug-in on the market for this. Each article on your site will have all the data needed including: Page Titles, Alt Tags, proper canonicalization, Facebook and Twitter Open Graphs, article, FAQ and about/mention schema, semantic tags, and other beneficial elements. 


Syndication Network - We can help you publish articles on your site that can be automatically sent out to 20+ other highly-trusted sites. We brand these sites to your business and set up triggers so that each time you publish and article, each platforms publishes that article with 20 strong backlinks back to your original article. Over time, each silo on your site will gain hundreds or even thousands of strong backlinks from these high authority sites. 

Google Stacks - Google loves Google, and we can use the search engine's narcissism to build a massive sister site and point all that "SEO juice" right to the top of each silo on your main site.

Map Pack Pop - If your business is a local business, it's important it pop in Google's map-pack. The map pack is that section on page one of Google. It's highly visual and often clicked. We know how optimize your Google Business Profile (formally, Google My Business) and post ongoing, new content to get you ranked there.

Plus, press release stacks, healthy backlink creation, citations across the web and tons of other goodies we can explain to you in a free consultation.

5. Measure and Report Both the Activity, Ranking Results, and Increased Site Traffic. 

SEO agencies are famous for being secretive. This lack of transparency can often leave their clients wondering, "What activities are being done on my site to help it rank?" The unknown can lead to client frustration.

In fact, this is the reason Moon & Owl added SEO services. We used to refer our clients to SEO agencies. Time and time again, we'd have to then sit with our clients as they fired these agencies because they weren't sure what was happening behind the scenes.

We continually heard from our clients, "We trust Moon and Owl. Why don't YOU offer SEO?"

And so we began offering full-service SEO services. But we do so in a different way–with full transparency!

With Moon & Owl's SEO campaigns, you'll never wonder what is happening.

We'll send a report a monthly report that details the exact activities that we completed along with a revenue, performance, ranking tracker report.

But we know that ranking isn't all that matters to you.

As a business owner, you need to see revenue from your SEO efforts.

So we also include a Google Analytics site traffic report so you can see the campaign is drawing people to your site that convert into customers.

SEO can appear to be complicated. Moon & Owl makes it simple and transparent for you to understand, so you can be confident you are getting a return on your investment. If you have any questions, we’ll answer them in a straightforward manner.

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