It’s Getting Hot In Here. Marketing in the Hot Weather. Fort Worth Texas

The Fort Worth market is literally heating up with blistering temperatures expected. If you are in retail, this is a great opportunity to surpass your customers’ expectations.

  • Perhaps have some lemon water and ice available for them.
  • Make sure the air conditioner is working well.
  • Put a fan near the door for customers to do a brief cool off.
  • If you are a restaurant owner or have people have to wait outside, rent some misting units.
  • Have some popsicles cold and ready.
  • Be creative!

In doing so, you will make friends and fans who remember your effort. Even if you aren’t in retail, as long as you deal with people, make things better for them in this heat!

This week especially is supposed to be incredibly hot uncharacteristically early with temps into the 6 digits in late May/Early June.

There are concerns about the North Texas power grid. Be prepared if you get a rolling black-out. What is your plan?

The manager of the state’s power grid has warned that Texas would set an all-time record for electricity usage this summer.

Many parts of the state are predicted to see triple-digit temperatures this week, giving the state’s power grid its first test of the summer.

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), which manages about 90 percent of the Texas grid, say they expect no problems this week but will be closely monitoring demand. (Source)

There are also health concerns. If you are in the health sector, this is a perfect time to put out some staying cool tips in Fort Worth on your social media. If you are in retail, put a sale on cooling/summer items.

Heat stress, heat fatigue, heat cramps and heat exhaustion are all forms of hyperthermia. It’s important to find ways to stay cool and know the signs of hyperthermia. In addition to feeling uncomfortably hot, you may also experience: dizziness, weakness, nausea, thirst or a headache.

First responders-with MedStar EMS in Fort Worth say they rushed to more than 30 heat-related emergencies during the Memorial Day weekend and it’s forecasted to be at or near 100 degrees for the next several days.

“Most commonly [we’re seeing] heat exhaustion. So, you’ve been outside, you’re sweating a lot and you’ve just become very fatigued,” MedStar spokesman Matt Zavadsky. “We do get very concerned because we’ve had several cases that have progressed to heat stroke, which is where the body has lost it’s ability to sweat, lost it’s ability to control the temperature and now these people have a really life threatening medical condition.”

If you aren’t used to exercising in the hot weather be careful. Experts with the American College of Sports Medicine say people who aren’t acclimated to the North Texas temperatures, or who get dehydrated, are at higher risk of suffering heat exhaustion. (source)

It’s coming earlier than normal.

In 2011, the summer by which all recent ones are measured, the first 100-degree day occurred on June 13.

It was the start of a miserably hot summer.

By the end of that year, Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport had recorded a record 71 100-degree days. (source)

Now it looks as if the first date of 100ºF temperature is going to be June 1.

Be a savvy business owner and ask how you can turn these unfun conditions to your customers’ benefit. How can you serve them better given the weather conditions? A good leader is constantly looking and evaluating ways to improve his or her Fort Worth brand. Your brand is much more than a logo or colors. It’s the aftertaste people have after they interact with you. Exceed their expectations.

Customers May Actually Buy More In Fort Worth’s Heat

We found this interesting article which states that buyer’s purchase more in warm weather.

Similarly, another experiment found that 74% of participants were willing to exchange money for a product after exposure to heat. In contrast, only 47% of subjects exposed to cold wanted the product, with the majority opting to keep the money. There is now no doubt that warm weather can trigger purchase intent, and that the cold is liable to make us more frugal. (source)

The heat is coming. Maximize your business’ benefits to your customers during this unique opportunity.