Technical SEO Associate Marketing Agency

Hiring a part-time SEO Associate (REMOTE)

No experience is needed. 20-30 hours a month on average. We will train you.

Great job for a college student, stay at home mom, etc.

Fantastic learning opportunity! Perfect for a marketing major or related field.

Job Description

Job Summary

• To execute the needed technical SEO for clients at Moon and Owl Marketing.

Time Allotment

• Approximately 30 hours per month.

Job Class

• Part Time 1099 (90-day trial period)

• Flex hours, but weekly staff meeting required. Project deadlines must be met.

Pay Structure

• By the hour. During training $12/hr. Once largely independent $13+/hr.

• Regular merit/performance raises and title promotions possible.

Direct Report

• Sr. Account Executive

Primary Duties and Responsibilities As Technical SEO

Twice a Month for Each Client

• Check Drivestack functionality.

• Check Schema Functionality.

• Check Google Analytics Functionality.

• Track Map Pack Rankings.

• Check Client Conversions.

• Check Client site indexing.

• Check site SEO health.

• Generate Link Building Sheets.

Monthly For Each Client

• Track Gains and Losses in traffic/ranking.etc.

• Create Client Monthly Reports.

Ad Hoc

• Run quarterly performance reports.

• Create AI narrated videos of blogs

• Graphic design (optional, only if interested) and/or image selection for posts.

• Quality assurance checks of schema, as needed.

• SEO training for deeper understanding of why we do what we do.

• Other Duties as Assigned. Duties reasonably related to the position and will be of the same level and classification for which you are currently graded.