The LUCID Process Launch Helps Marketing Decision Makers Audit and Improve Their Company’s Digital Marketing Marketing Agency

Fort Worth, TX, October 26, 2018 – Moon & Owl Marketing is publically launching The LUCID Process, which aids company marketing decision makers in assessing the current state of their marketing messaging and how well that messaging is being amplified online.

The process is a full-spectrum messaging and digital audit. Participants work in tandem with the agency to examine the effectiveness of the marketing messaging their company is currently employing.

One key element is to determine if the message is benefit-centric or feature-centric. Key long-term customers are interviewed to ascertain the chief value and benefits they perceive the company offers. A GOST and SWOT analysis is performed on competitors’ marketing messaging. The LUCID Process participants end up with a clear, benefit-oriented marketing messaging plan for each target audience.
The LUCID Process then evaluates the digital marketing landscape. The process examines each potential search keyword in light of its use by the participant and their competitors. The process answers:

  • What are the best terms we should use in terms of buyer intent and search volume?
  • Which keywords are driving traffic for chief competitors?
  • Where are the content gaps that can be easily exploited to gain traffic?
  • What would a winning strategy entail?

The participant company’s site is fully audited for user experience, on-page and off-page SEO, and social media integration. The LUCID Process includes a report on comprehensive digital-changes needed and recommendations for improved the business’ marketing message.

“We think The LUCID Process is the most comprehensive the market for marketing decision makers to establish the you-are-here point on their current marketing status in the digital landscape,” says process developer Jordan Fowler of Moon & Owl.

Process participant Ezra Sizemore states, “It is not a process for the faint of heart. You get a true evaluation of your company in terms of messaging and digital marketing that is brutally honest, while also being provided clear direction on where you need to go as a company. It definitely was worth the expense in terms of ROI.”

Participants are guided through each phase of the process by a dedicated Moon & Owl LUCID Process guide.

Moon and Owl Marketing is a full-service marketing agency in Fort Worth, TX serving both local and international clients with digital and traditional marketing include web design, SEO and more.

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