Web Designer Fort Worth: 10 Questions To Ask Before You Hire a Design Company

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Web Designer Fort Worth

If you looking for a Fort Worth web designer, you might be confused by the broad discrepancy in prices you are hearing and all the lingo thrown around like CMS, CSS, CTA and CTR.

And those are just the words starting with C.

Don’t sweat that stuff.

As a service to you, we’ve put together a series of 10 questions to ask your Fort Worth web designer before he or she is hired to build your business website.

These are the questions you should be sweating!

10. What prep work do you as a Fort Worth web designer do before the site outline is created for maximum site effectiveness?

Listen for a systematic approach where keywords are used to generate the silo sitemap/site outline. Many designers skip this phase.

Our answer:

This prep work is like the foundation of your house. It is crucial it be done well and thoroughly with elements like keyword research and silo sitemaps.

This prep work is actually the starting point to get you found on Google!

We have a proven system using and other software to research your keywords and build an incredible sitemap for your Fort Worth web design.

9. How do you ensure my site’s written content will get RESULTS?

Listen for some an approach to where copy is written from the end-users experience. People don’t care what you do as much as they do, how does this benefit ME!

The answer should not be, “We’ll put in there whatever you give us.”

Our answer:

Your site’s written content is 60-70% of your site's effectiveness. 

We are often told our writing is one of the key things that sets us apart from our competitors!

8. How do you design the website to convert visitors to customers?

Listen to hear what their approach is to gather leads. These include bright call to action buttons, e-mail list building, opt-in pages, large phone numbers and other mechanisms.

Our answer:

Your site’s ability to generate a profit from your Fort Worth customer’s needs to use our perfected Call To Action mechanisms designed into the site.

7. How do you ensure my site loads super fast for my DFW customers?

Make sure you hear that a load-speed test will be run on your site before launch.

They should then state they’ll make adjustments made to picture file sizes, bloated plug-ins, and other items weighing down you site.

Our answer:

Google wants to see a super-fast load time, or you’ll slide down the ranks. Faster IS better and can be controlled.

We compress images and streamline any bloating issues specifically, one-by-one, on each page after testing.

We are committed to FIX anything slowing down your load time.

6. Where do you see my site sitting in the sales funnel and relate to my other marketing?

Listen to hear if an official sales funnel map will be created. Make sure they explain how your new site fits into the overall picture of marketing. A website sitting in the middle of a desert does you no good.

Our answer:

You need to have a visual sales funnel. We will sit down with you and help you draw your sales funnel. Actually, we use an hour-glass model.

fort worth web designer

The Duct Tape Marketing Sales Hourglass

As a Fort Worth web design agency, Moon and Owl knows how to make your website receive the baton fluidly from your traditional, digital and social media marketing, so they all work together for PROFITS!

5. Can I see a sample contract so I can be sure expectations and timelines are clearly established?

You need to see a complete agreement from your web designer in Fort Worth. A spit-in-the-palm handshake doesn’t clarify expectations and spell out all the necessary details.

Our answer:

An agreement should be thorough and benefit both parties. Agreements set expectations, which reduces misunderstandings on the scope of work.

We’ll be happy to email you a sample Moon & Owl web design agreement. Just give us a call or fill out the form on the contact us page.

4. What e-commerce platforms do you as a web designer Fort Worth prefer and why?

If they only use one platform simply because they are comfortable designing on it, it might not be your best fit. Listen for the availability of multiple platforms and experience on each.

Our answer:

Though there are many ways to sell online, there IS a best ecommerce fit for your specific needs.

If you sell directly online, we listen to your process of order completion, the available man-power of your Fort Worth area business, turnaround times, and even your leadership style to assess those needs.

3. Do you hand me my site and say thanks or keep working to develop it into a conversion machine?

Listen for what is the follow-up plan to promote and optimize the site AFTER it is live. One-and-done site development is a dead art!

Our answer:

Your site is like a living entity that should be tweaked for effectiveness.

As Fort Worth web designers, we  can do A/B testing to get you the  best conversion rates possible, including:

  • Call To Action optimization
  • Headline and copy variation testing
  • Layout and presentation testing

Not to mention, we’ll stay on top of your site and server maintenance to ensure your site stays unhacked and live.

We are always happy to create an ongoing optimization package for you at a reduced rate because you trusted us with you site design in the first place. You won’t pay as much as someone who merely called us to “fix my site.”

2. Does your Fort Worth web design company only do web? What other marketing services do you offer?

Listen for a breadth of services. While it might initially sound great to go to a specialized we-only-do-web-firm, that view is short-sighted. A lone site gets lonely!

Our answer:

Your website is the hub of ALL your marketing activity. You don’t want it to be disconnected from your other marketing efforts.

Going with a broad service agency–like Moon & Owl–ensures ALL your marketing is coordinated and works together (example, landing pages can be created around certain online ads, etc.)

We call this approach STACKING and it works!!!


The Most Important Question

1. Show me the numbers which reveal how your websites create LEADS and REVENUE?

This is where buzzwords like brand awareness, top-of-mind, brand recognition DISAPPEAR. You need REVENUE and PROFIT from your site!

Make the agency get rid of the “marketing speak” that means nothing.

Our answer:

We will be glad to show you case studies on our clients’ growth.

We will never disclose a specific name tied to the data and we protect the proprietary processes that our clients use like Fort Knox, as loose lips sink ships.

But we can give you a clear picture of how our sites DELIVER RESULTS!

So Let’s Chat

We are a local Forth Worth web design agency who does excellent web work and offers comprehensive small business marketing solutions to help you grow.

These include

  • web design
  • social media marketing
  • pay-per-click
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services
  • print
  • direct mail
  • billboards
  • outdoor
  • press release writing and placement
  • media buying for TV/Radio/Print
  • production for radio/TV
  • guerrilla marketing
  • public relations
  • and more!

All to aid your Fort Worth small business’s growth.

We offer broad services so that we can be the LAST CALL you will ever need to make regarding your business marketing.

We say last because we are 100% confident your expectations of our customer service and your marketing results will be SURPASSED!

We love the uniqueness of our fair city, sometimes called Cowtown, and are okay with Dallasites, too. We would love to be considered to do your Fort Worth web design project.

It is our pleasure to sit down with you over a cup of coffee and hear your story.

We’ll listen first and then tell you our story. We’ll also recommend what you should and shouldn’t do with your marketing efforts.

We’re Texan. We’re friendly. And we’re professional.

We are the Fort Worth web design firm of choice for MANY local and national brands and will be glad to serve you!