Before You Let Before Your Nephew Build You a Cheap Small Business Website-Part 4 Call To Action Web Designer

We continue with the fourth installment of our series on questions to ask before you let your nephew build you a cheap website. This time we look at your site’s lifeblood, the call to action.

A Strong Call To Action Throughout

Ask you potential web designer…
How do you design strong call-to-actions to deliver LEADS?

Your Nephew’s Design

Your nephew’s call to action is probably limited to including a Contact Us page with a phone number and hopefully an email. This severely limits moving people through the funnel of your sales process.

Your Online Conversion Machine uses Great CTA’s

Use Color Wisely

Your site should use color carefully. Have passive and active colors. All call-to-action links and buttons should be a consistent bright color that makes it easy for people to realize, “Oh, this is an action I can take.” Everything else should be muted in relation to this. Your site should scream, “Click this get started in the process.” White is your friend. There is a reason Google, Apple, and other major players use so much whitespace.

Check out this video by Social Triggers…

For example, on the Moon & Owl site you can see bright red means click this. It also leads the person closer and closer to the free-consultation action.

Kill the Clutter

You’ll notice there isn’t a lot of clutter on any of our sites. We want to get information into the hands of our visitors quickly and answer the REAL questions they have. They aren’t bogged down with badges or needless distraction.

Call to Action Locations

Your call to action should be located at the TOP of the sidebar of every sub-page and at the top or MID-PAGE within the body content itself. Notice our red call to actions side on the sidebar of every article and in the middle of service pages as well as the bottom.

A/B Test Your Call to Action Buttons

You should A/B TEST your call to action button(s) as your first test on the site. Try a few different button texts and call to actions. Watch the clicks, let the data decide, and determine a winner. Your nephew might not have this A/B testing capability–ask him.

Link to Hidden Page for Next Steps, Not Contact Page

These call to action buttons should NOT link to your Contact Us page, but rather a unique, hidden page that delivers a story of how you want to engage your customers. You do this for two reasons:

  • You’ll better prep your leads for your introduction process.
  • You’ll have a way to measure WHICH call to action is working best based on traffic to that hidden page. Anyone who arrived on that page got there by clicking your CTA.

Here is our base call to action landing page. It’s different than our Contact Us page.

All these call to action recommendations are simply a STARTING point for building a small business website that converts!

If you need a FREE CTA web assessment, site remodeling, or even a new site, please give us a call. We want to hear your story to see if we are the best fit to deliver solutions for your needs. 817-889-1487