Before You Let Your Nephew Build You a Cheap Website

jordanfowler@moonandowl.comWeb Designer

cheap websiteSo you have a small business and now it’s time for you to get a website up. Your nephew says, “I can build it for $500.”

You think to yourself, “$500 bucks, awesome. That’s a cheap website!”

Whoa, hold on, partner!

You don’t need a website, you need an ONLINE CONVERSION MACHINE!

If you build a $500 site and get $0 revenue from it…you’ve just lost $500.

If you build a $4,000 site and make $10,000 from it, you just earned $6,000.

A Cheap Website Does Not Equate to a Good Value

The $500 site in the above example is a horrible value. The $4,000 site is a great value. 

Don’t be fooled by the initial, raw price of a website bid.

Cheap Website ≠ Better Website.

Cheap Website ≠ Affordable Website.

I can’t afford to lose $500. I can afford to make $6,000.

Before you set your nephew or another designer loose, you need them to answer a few questions since 89% of people who buy from you will stop by your website before purchasing.

QUESTION 1. How are you building my site outline so my business website gets FOUND by my prospects on Google?

When people search Google, Bing, or another engine for a service or product your business provides, where will you show up in the search results—on the front page or buried deep in no-man’s-land where your webpage can’t be found.

Your Nephew

Your nephew will probably put a menu up with Home, About Us, a Blog, Contact Us etc. because that “is what every site has.” He’ll stick all the ongoing content you’ll need to place on the site under the blog section because that’s “just what you do.”

But that won’t get you FOUND!

Your Moon & Owl Website

We have a different approach—this is where our big agency experience come in to play.

BEFORE we ever start any writing or designing your small business website, we do research to find out what keywords people search when they have a need that relates to your business.

We then create a custom outline of your site that emphasizes the main keywords for which people search (example: “outdoor kitchens”). We base your menu, navigation and content on these findings. We create a silo for each of these keywords. All of your content is then placed under these on your silo sitemap.

By building your site’s navigation and structure around these Silo keywords, your site outline is primed to be understood and liked by the search engines.

With a Moon and Owl sitemap, PEOPLE CAN ACTUALLY DISCOVER YOU when they do their normal search.

As you add new content, each new article or post is siloed under the proper keyword link and Google thinks, “Wow, this site has a bunch of fresh content in this silo. It should rank for it!”

Without this important step, Google doesn’t know WHAT you want to emphasize on your site. NOTE: Every link has to be set up with an exact structure to make this work. Make sure your nephew knows how to silo structure each link on the sitemap!

At a recent web conference we attended, only 10 web designers out of 200 in the room raised their hand when the SEO expert asked who knew about siloing and who was actively siloing their sitemaps. Our hands were up!

Get an awesome sitemap for your new site. Don’t let your nephew or any other web designer start working until your sitemap is rock solid.

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