Load Times: Before You Let Your Nephew Build You a Cheap Website

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Your Website Load Time

We continue with the fifth installment of our series on questions to ask before you let your nephew build you a cheap website.

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Ask your potential website designer this…

How fast will my site’s load time be? What do you do specifically to ensure my site loads fast?

Why it Matters

Your visitors want to see their content fast! Many of your visitors will bail if your website’s load times are long.

In fact…

“A 1-second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions.” (source: kissmetrics.com

That’s serious money. If something else was wasting 7% of your business’ money needlessly, you’d repair it quickly!

Also, more and more search engines are measuring how fast your small business webpage loads in order to determine how high you rank in the search results. A slow site causes a lower ranking on Google, Bing and other engines. This means fewer people find you on the internet.

This results in less money in your pocket.

Your Nephew’s Site Load Time

Your nephew (and some established designers) can build you a “pretty site.”

What they probably won’t do is go to through the painstaking task of testing and optimizing each element of your website. Thus, your site won’t be loading at its full potential and you’ll be losing out on customers. That’s lost revenue.


Is your current site slower than it could be?

FIND OUT! Fill in the information and we’ll send you a FREE report on your site’s speed bumps.

    Your Lightning Fast Load Time Website with Moon & Owl

    Your small business website will have screaming fast load times. Han Solo and Usain Bolt will be jealous of your site’s speed! Why?

    Each element of your site will be isolated and checked for its required load time. Any element slowing it down will be individually optimized. Large images will be compressed and tweaked without affecting their beautiful appearance. Any code slowing down your website will be streamlined. Any caching settings—how your visitors store the webpage for repeat visits—will be set to decrease their load time. We are transparent about this process and will even share the results of your speed before and after we fix it.

    You’ll know your small business website load time is fast–faster than your competitors. We spent the money to buy the analyzing software and take the extra website development time to perform this process on each of our client’s small business websites because we know, in the end, a happy client is our best client. When you succeed, so do we.

    A cheap small business website with slow load time wastes your small businesses money no matter how cheaply your nephew develops it. Get great VALUE with a Moon & Owl small business website.

    Call us @ 817-889-1487 to get started!

    Our next Before You Let Your Nephew article will focus on customized landing pages to get increased conversions.