Cheap Website: Answer these Questions Before You Let Your Nephew Build Yours Part 2

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We continue our series of questions to ask before you let your nephew build your business a cheap website.

cheap website

QUESTION. What approach will you use to write my site’s content?

Your Nephew

Your nephew will probably ask you to write the copy. Are you a writer with search engine writing chops? Or, worse, he’ll grab you web copy off of someone else’s page that offers the same services as you do. This is a horrible approach.

There are FOUR BIG PROBLEMS with this approach that actually makes your cheap small business website lose you much more money. We’ll tackle the first two in this article.

Moon & Owl

We talked about siloing your sitemap with proper keywords in other articles. Your website’s writing should now amplify your company benefits to the reader.

1. Keyword Placement in your Web Copy

Now it’s time to get those keywords into the right places on each page. This will make your page SHINE to the search engines

Our agency experience helps us to know exactly where to place the keywords within the body of your text, how many times to use each keyword in a headline or sub-header, and how often to use each keyword in the body of your page. We even title and tag the pictures on each page to reinforce your keywords (ex. “outdoor kitchens in Dallas”). Your nephew probably isn’t a writer, right?

2. Original Copy

Not only is illegal to copy another site’s text, Google doesn’t like it when it sees two pages with duplicate content. And since their copy was in place first, you’ll get penalized for using another site’s copy. By the way, this is also why those industry pre-fab websites are such a bad idea. We have a proprietary system that allows us to guarantee the copy on each page of your site is 100 PERCENT unique. No one else will have your website content. It will speak to your reader about your uniqueness and to the search engines, too.

(In fact, if we find someone steals your awesome content in the future, we’ll give them a call and nicely ask them to pull it immediately.)

The Result

Site visitors who can be converted to customers as your page RANKS! Google sees unique content filled with strong keywords matching the link name, page title, and picture tags and says, “SWEET, we’ll rank them high for this!” Now people are finding YOUR BUSINESS when they search for a service or product you provide.

Remember this axiom: A cheap small business website isn’t cheap if it doesn’t create revenue. In fact, that’s expensive.

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