Moon and Owl Launches Ulterra Drilling Technologies’ Website Design

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Ulterra Drilling Technologies, an international leader in PDC bit design and downhole tools for the Oil & Gas industry, launches their new web design by Moon and Owl Marketing.


website design for Ulterra

Ulterra Website Homepage Capture
The site design uses Ulterra’s iconic teal colors throughout with key calls to action and links in their official secondary color. Their unique teal colored drill bits are known throughout the industry and we designed the site to clearly reinforce familiarity.

The homepage wireframe design optimizes the clarity of their chief value proposition while placing their two lines of technology front and center (PDC drill bits and downhole tools).

In addition, end-user interactive apps that allow Ulterra’s customers and potential customers to run customized calculations are forthcoming.

We placed Discovery Call call-to-action buttons throughout the site in a recurring, familiar location for the end-user.

The look of the site differentiates Ulterra’s innovative, tailored solution approach from the one-size-fits-all offerings of many PDC bit designers.

Ulterra can develop a custom prototype bit for any given drilling situation faster than anyone else in the sector.

By mixing product photos with sketch drawings, the look of the site reinforces Ulterra’s design capabilities and prototyping.

To reinforce their unique approach, we knew we needed to break away from the traditional layout and look of most oil and gas sites (see below).

Traditional Looking Oil & Gas Sites

oil and gas traditional sitetraditional oil and gas site


Ulterra Additional Site Pages

Product Page

ulterra pdc bit product page

Important conversion design elements are included in product pages.

  • Product call-out sections highlight end-user advantages for highly visible “what can you do for me” benefits.
  • Video elements are also present for a those who would rather click-and-watch than read.
  • Printable product PDF’s are accessible for those needing to forward technical documents and printouts of key documents to their team.
  • Finally, a link to an article bank allows those site visitors who want more information to drill down into case studies, feature articles and more for each product. All Ulterra has to do is tag the blog article with the product name, and it appears in the article bank.

Article Bank Page Example

Tag based article bank web design

These article banks allow detail oriented visitors to read until their heart’s content.

Those who feel they’ve completed their research can schedule a discovery call at any point in their online journey–on the homepage, product page, or any article within the article bank.

SEO and Discoverability

The site is built upon a robust, pre-design search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing strategy. This site pre-work, which partners our web designers with our SEO specialists, is what sets apart a Moon and Owl site from other agencies and discount designers.

We begin with the end in mind, getting you discovered, liked and trusted online.

Deep interlinking between content and other on-page SEO elements are built into the site’s design and development.

Ulterra is dominating high volume searches for keywords surrounding PDC drill bits and downhole tools.

Ranking Results

web design keyword ranking

Site Traffic

In just two weeks since launch, site traffic has doubled (and site traffic was quite healthy before). This growth is before any press release pushes or announcements. Purely organic SEO gains are driving these results. They will increase when we perform an upcoming publicity blitz.

New Website Design Increased Traffic

And Of Course, Mobile Responsiveness

It’s 2018. Your site better look and work great on mobile. As a B2B technical business, a majority of Ulterra’s users still arrive on the site through a desktop, we still want a great responsive feel. This is especially true as we add new interactive apps and calculators to the site for personnel to use out in the field.

We made sure the mobile elements of design were thoroughly tested.

Product Page Mobile View Web Design
Social Media Inclusion

You might think it rare for an oil & gas drilling technology company to spend much time on social media, but the folks at Ulterra have developed quite a following on their LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram (yep!). They also have a robust YouTube channel with more videos in the works. We made sure these platforms were accessible to site visitors.

Expandable Site Design

When we set down in our initial planning, Ulterra shared they have some big ideas on the horizon. We built the site with expansion capabilities in mind, including the way the navigation operates, product category pages can increase in scope as we add new products without the need for a redesign, and other considerations for site growth as the company grows.

A master-planned sitemap of future additions is already in place allowing Ulterra to phase in the desired pages and new features as they become ready.

Check out the live Ulterra site at