What Makes a Great Copywriter?


Here is a great article on what you should look for when seeking Fort Worth Copywriting services.

9 Things to Look for In a Copywriter

In summary, the author lists these 9 criteria of a great copywriter that can nail your business’ writing needs.

1) A Top-Notch Researcher and Interviewer

In an ideal world, a copywriter would also be a subject matter expert, able to rely solely on his immense knowledge to write compelling copy. More often than not, though, copywriters will need to pivot from client to client and sometimes industry to industry. As such, they’ll need to get up to speed — quickly.

Effective research is not limited to a few Google searches or pouring through collateral that a client may have provided. Although an important and necessary step to a job well done, truly effective copywriters know that interviewing the appropriate stakeholders is just as imperative for two reasons.

2) Knowledgeable About the Intended Audience

David Ogilvy said, “If you’re trying to persuade people to do something, or buy something, it seems to me you should use their language, the language they use every day, the language in which they think. We try to write in the vernacular.”

3) Thirsty to Learn, but Knows When He or She Is Quenched

Sometimes copywriters become so wrapped up in learning the minutiae of whatever it is they’re researching that they’ll delay writing, believing that there must be some component they overlooked that will strengthen their copy. In other words, they’re unable to see the forest through the trees.

4) Informed

Good copywriters, on the other hand, understand the modern world. They’re knowledgeable about how consumers skim and read, understand the importance of an attention-grabbing headline, can articulate the sales and marketing objectives, and know a thing or two about SEO and keyword optimization.

5) Thick-Skinned

Good copywriters believe in their convictions but understand that they may not always be right.

6) Self-Assured

A good copywriter doesn’t need to immediately acquiesce. The effective copywriter knows the best course of action is to open to a dialogue where everyone can bring their thoughts to the table.

7) An Anti-Perfectionist

Good copywriters realize that the pursuit of perfection — while noble — is futile. They know that they can go on tweaking forever, but understand that “good enough” is exactly that.

8) Willing to Seek Help

Copywriters should seek out mentors who can continually push them to achieve more in their career. Unlike editors that provide feedback on an individual piece of work, mentors provide “big picture” advice necessary to navigate the up-and-downs of a creative career.

9) Always Reading

An exceptional copywriter is always aware of the latest industry trends, often perusing publications like AdWeekAdvertising Age, Digiday, and the … Agency Post. They never rest on their laurels.

See the full description on each point in the original article at https://blog.hubspot.com/agency/traits-effective-copywriters.

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