SEO Agency Fort Worth: Things to Know Before Hiring One

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Searching for "Fort Worth SEO?" Whether you have an existing website, a new web design, or need a new website, hiring an SEO Agency in Fort Worth is a key consideration.

Why? A website without SEO (search engine optimization) is like building a beautiful office in the middle of a desert. It exists, but no one knows it is there. It's key to internet marketing. 

But you might be hesitant to hire a Fort Worth SEO agency because you aren’t really sure what they do or maybe, worse, you’ve been burned in the past. We get it! We used to be skeptical of SEO companies ourselves, and we had so many bad experiences with them, we decided to start doing it in-house in our agency. Note: Thanks to some strong nudging and encouragement by clients who told us, “We trust you. We don’t trust that company. Why can’t you guys just do it?”

Two Types of Fort Worth SEO Agencies to Avoid

1. The Everything Is a Secret Agency

These folks won’t tell you what they are doing behind the scenes. They’ll claim everything is proprietary and secret so that you won’t reverse engineer what they are doing–as if you have the time or inclination to learn the deep art and science of SEO! Even when pressed they'll give you vague answers.

How to Avoid This Agency Before you Hire Them

When you do your initial meeting with a Fort Worth SEO provider, ask them, “What are your concrete strategies and the order in which you attack the strategies to get my site ranked high on search engines? Listen to how specific they are in their disclosure. Are they willing to show you examples of the concrete pieces needed for SEO (example: a backlink report, a Google Drive Stack done for an existing client, a silo structure example)?

At Moon & Owl Marketing, we’ll walk you through a step-by-step plan of attack at your free consultation and show you examples of each whitehat SEO tactic that we use.

We’ll answer any question you have in a straightforward manner. Why? Because we know you need to focus on running your business. You didn’t come to us to find out how to do SEO on your own because the learning curve is quite steep. We don’t mind telling you how we do what we do. In fact, you’ll get a monthly report of exactly what tasks were done on your account along with a comprehensive ranking report that shows you organic ranking, Google Map Pack ranking, search volume, and how much you have risen in rankings each month.

2. The We’re Rock Stars Agency

For some reason, search engine companies tend to attract I’m a rock star personalities. Many of these rock star types get more excited when they are asked to speak at the “Next Big Deal” SEO conference than they do working on your results. Then you, as Fort Worth business owner or leader, have to deal with that pompous personality every time you interact with your SEO agency. Yuck!

How to Avoid This Agency Before you Hire Them

Sit down for an extended conversation with your potential SEO agency. We know you have a high emotional quotient (EQ). Trust your gut. If you get a rock-star vibe from the agency, move on and keep looking. You’ll find your SEO specialists at Moon & Owl are down to earth. We put our pants on one leg at a time, like working hard, and we find our joy in your ranking increase, traffic increase and most important, REVENUE INCREASES tied to SEO.

A Clear Plan for Your Fort Worth SEO Campaign

We have a clear, ordered plan to make sure you get results, and we aren't secretive about it!

Start With On-Page SEO for your Fort Worth Business

If your site isn’t optimized for SEO, what we do offsite won’t benefit you much. We want your site to communicate to the search engines clearly. We always start with on-page SEO efforts.

1. Silo Your Site

We start making sure your site is siloed correctly. This may mean we need to move some pages around in the navigation or even write several new pages to make sure your silo is chock full of solid content.

2. Install Our Powerful Plugin

We then install a massively powerful plugin that isn’t available to the general public that helps reinforce your silos including:

  • Rerouting your article categories to your main silo landing page, so all the SEO juice flows to the main landing page.
  • Interlinking each article within a silo just like Google likes to see them. 
  • Putting a quick navigation widget on the article sidebars that show other articles within that silo (But not those in other silos, so we don’t “bleed” the silo. This dilutes your silo's power. ) 
  • And a bunch of other deep technical stuff to ensure your site presents perfectly to Google.

3. Insert Schema Code

We then place schema code on each page of your site. Schema code is a specific vocabulary of tags (or microdata) that you can add to your HTML to improve the way your page is represented in SERPs. It looks something like this... Schema Code Example This code is not visible to page users, but the code lives in your page header and the search engines read it to know better what the page is about.

It tells Google what your business does and where it is located in Fort Worth. This is a power tool for both local seo and national seo efforts. 

4. Correct On Page Text

Each page is checked to make sure it contains the right words to generate semantic relevance. Semantic relevance means that all the words on a page reinforce the meaning of the main keyword. Thus, we include words that related to the keyword including synonyms and longer tailed keywords (ex. “best fort worth barbecue,” “BBQ,” “smoked ribs,” and “slow-cooked” to reinforce the main keyword “Fort Worth Barbecue Restaurant.”

Typically most of your on-page optimization is done in the launch month of your project.

There is an additional ongoing piece to on-page optimization we perform. This is your...

5. Ongoing Content Plan

Then a plan for ongoing content creation is created to ensure we grab search results on other keywords for which we need to rank.

We create a content calendar of keyword-based articles that need to be written, including the synonyms, exact match keywords and other information to be included in the article.

These content calendar articles can be written by you, with us simply optimizing each new page and post OR entirely by Moon & Owl writers, with you simply approving and adding any editorial comments to the articles we write on your behalf before we post it.

Off-Page SEO

Google looks at how the larger web interacts with your page. If a large number of other pages reference your website and a lot of searchers visit your page and stay there, the search engines reward this with better rankings.

We help optimize this interaction with off-page SEO efforts.

Here is the clear plan on how we attack off page SEO..

1. Build Your Syndication Network

We build you a syndication network. With this network, we can create 20+ valuable backlinks to each new article.

Over time this builds 1000s of reputable backlinks to your site from credible sites like Diigo, WiseIntro, GetPocket, and other web 2.0 platforms.

Every time you publish new content on your website, it gets automatically syndicated to each of these platforms.

2. Apply SwarmSearch™

Google measures what real people do regarding a search on a term and how it relates to your website.

Enter SwarmSearch. We have large network of micro-task workers we can instruct to search an important keyword, click through to your site, and dwell there for a solid amount of time.

This real-life, human interface with your site gives strong signals to the search engines that your site answers the searchers question because they didn’t immediately bounce away.

In fact, we have these searches click through several other pages on your site, just like a normal searcher would, because they are real humans, not bots.

3. Google Drive Stacks

Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines love themselves–almost narcissistically so. Naturally, they like to promote their own properties. Google owns YouTube, Blogger, Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google Docs, SlideShare and other properties.

By placing your content carefully on these sites and interconnecting, we can leverage Google’s preference to publicize its own platforms highly.

We then can pass all this SEO juice on to your main landing page. This is called a Google Drive Stack and it's incredibly powerful.

We know exactly how to build a Drive Stack and point all their power to your main website.

4. Healthy Backlinks

Backlinks still matter.

In the 1990s, if you wanted to rank a site, you simply build a million backlinks to the site on a bunch of junk link-farm pages, and wallah, the site would rank. Google and other search engines caught on to this and were able to update their algorithm.

With their Florida update November 1, 2003, Google did away with the link-farm strategy of SEO. Instead, they started the process of rewarding better quality links. By the time the Panda update hit in 2011, the SEO game had permanently changed for the better.

(Sidenote: If you want to be a nerd and see all the Google algorithm changes, check out

We create healthy backlinks that only occur on safe sites with high domain and page authority.

This method means the backlinks Moon & Owl creates for you are legitimate and actually benefit your site. Additionally, we don’t just create healthy backlinks to your website.

Remember the Syndication Network and Google Drive stack? We create healthy backlinks to those, too. This powers up both the network and stack which are directly linking to your main site. This SEO authority flows right to your website.

5. Verify and Optimize You Google My Business Listing

Your business should have a verified Google My Business (GMB) listing. This GMB listing should clearly state your NAP, which is your official name, correct address and phone number.

Once this is established and verified on your GMB listing, this exact NAP should occur on your site and across the internet. We geo-tag your photos with your Fort Worth location to reinforce your location.

We also work our reputation management program to get 5-star reviews on your GMB listing. Google takes these reviews into consideration when deciding how to rank you.

Google uses all this information to rank you in the Map Pack, the list of three maps that appears high on page one of many Google search results.

Remember, Google is rewarding search results that are near the location of the searcher. By presenting you as a nearby option, you get better results. 

5. Create Online Citations

Your Fort Worth business (or Dallas, or Texas, or Your City USA) has NAP (Name, Address, Phone) listings across the internet.

Even if you didn’t actively create a listing, many directories pick up your NAP from other sources. It is important these listings exactly match your Google My Business listing.

We do an internet-wide audit of all your directory listings. Where you have incorrect on incomplete listings, we change them to match your GMB and Bing listing.

Not only can we correct your listings, we add new occurrences of your NAP across the internet by submitting your NAP to a huge network of diverse directories.

This echoes your main listing and pushes it up the rankings.

Proven Fort Worth SEO Results

Organic Results

Organic results are the most trusted results.

At the top of every search page, Google AdWords results are presented. While it can be important that you have AdWords listings, the ultimate results you want it organic results.

organic ranking and map pack ranking SEO agency Fort Worth

All the red arrows represent a Moon & Owl Client's current results.

Why? These are the most trusted Google search results that get the most clicks. Searchers know that AdWords are simply placed based on how much an advertiser was willing to spend.

Organic search results are earned, not bought. Users click on organic results more often than AdWords results.

Getting on page 1 of Google is key.

Here is where searchers click through from in terms of what page a search result occurs.

  • Page 1 91.5%
  • Page 2 4.8%
  • Page 3 1.1%
  • Page 4 0.4%

Getting to page one on a given search engine is the goal, then climbing you up page 1.

Google Map Pack

As you build a consistent NAP presence, your Google Maps listing ranking increases.

Our ultimate goal is to get you to pop in the Map Pack.

This is important because mobile users can call you or get driving directions with a single click.

By connecting your Drive Stack and powering up citations, we work tirelessly to get you to pop in the map pack.

We are the Fort Worth SEO agency of choice.

We’d love to help you rank, increase traffic, and grow your business’s revenue.

We have clients across Fort Worth, Dallas, Texas and across the nation who trust us with their SEO efforts. Our clients stay with us.

Why Our Clients Stick

1. Transparency – Your Activity Report

We’ve just laid out our plan to rank you.

Some readers ask aren’t you worried your competitors might steal the plan. We dare them to execute it as well as we do.

Our networks, drive stacks, and backlinks are built to exact specifications that few agencies can mimic even if they try to reverse engineer them.

Each month you’ll get a report with the detailed activity of what activities occurred on your site.

Unlike the Everything is a Secret agency, Moon & Owl will inspire your confidence because you’ll know what is happening under the hood and off-page on your campaign. No more guessing, “What is my Fort Worth SEO company actually doing?”

2. Results – Your Ranking Report

We also send you monthly ranking report.

This report outlines your rankings versus where we were at campaign launch and the previous month.

SEO Agency Fort Worth Ranking Report

Real Client Report. Used with Client Permission.

Seeing your rankings climb each month provides you the peace of mind that your Fort Worth SEO campaign is working well.

You’ll see organic results and map pack results on your report to gain a 360º view of your search engine profile.  

3. Traffic – Your Traffic Report

We’ll also provide you a monthly traffic report. With this report, you can see how your search results convert into real traffic to your website. We tap into Google Analytics, Bing Analytics, and other tracking software (, etc.) to let you know exactly how your traffic patterns are increasing and which SEO efforts led to those increases.

SEO Agency Fort Worth – Free Consultation

We’d love to help you rank and grow your Fort Worth business online (or wherever you are located). We love organic SEO either apart from or combined with Pay Per Click advertising. Organic search is the best long-term play because once positions are gained, they keep paying dividends in terms of traffic. 

We are confident we are the best SEO Agency in Fort Worth and are here to serve all your digital marketing needs. It would our pleasure to sit down for a free SEO consultation to show your current Search Engine ranking status along with your potential for growth.

Following your free SEO consultation, we will tailor a custom SEO campaign that considers your budget and growth potential. You'll love the results you get from a Moon & Owl SEO campaign. We are your SEO Fort Worth digital marketing agency of choice.