How a Syndication Network Helps Your Site Rank SEO

Today, we want to let you know supercharge your website content to increase rankings and sales through creating a syndication network.

syndication network

“Publish, publish, publish fresh content.” You’ve heard it a million times. So you spend time writing a great blog or article for your small business website, you post it, and wait, wait, wait…and nada.

Your article gets few views and does nothing to help you increase in how high you rank on the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) for the keyword topic you thought would get you increased traffic.

You get frustrated and think this whole “publish fresh content to get found” idea is a sham. I quit!

Don’t Publish Another Article Until You Do This

You can easily supercharge your business blog content to get more traffic to your website. With over 2 million blogs and articles posted daily, with this simple strategy you can make your blogs and fresh content count!

Increase Your Site’s Visibility Through Publishing Articles to a Syndication Network

You should create a supercharged network of other web profiles that syndicate your business blog content out “automagically.”

This is called a syndication network.

Every time you posted a blog, article or content on your own website it got posted to 20 other power sites with links back to your original blog.

This is largely how Google and other search engines measure how high to rank your article.

And what if you didn’t have to lift a finger to do this once you established this network?

We did exactly this, and soon we had front-page rankings for many of our most profitable keywords (like, Social Media Marketing Fort Worth, Fort Worth Social Media company, and more).

When we fly up a blog like this one, it gets instantly syndicated to these powerful sites:

1. G+ Profile
2. G+ Page
3. YouTube
4. Blogger
5. Page login
12. Evernote
24. LinkedIn
25. Nuzzel

The search engines like Google and Bing see this and say, “Whoa, this content has some serious backlinks on powerful sites, it should rank.” Not to mention loyal users of each of the platforms are introduced to our content.

DIY Your Syndication Network

You can supercharge your business blog by building out your own IFTTT network if you go through 15 hours of training from Semantic Mastery and have about 6 spare hours, plus manage the learning curve or keeping the network optimized…


Let Us Build It For You.

We can build out and maintain your supercharged IFTTT syndication network and soon your content will start gaining traction.

Once your network gets built, you have a powerful SEO tool that supercharges and amplifies your content.

How is the Syndication Network Triggered?

By using a powerful little app called If This Then That (IFTTT) your content can be supercharged.

When you post your blog or fresh content it triggers this powerful little app, which shoots it out to all the other profiles that you’ve created, interlinked to one another and optimized for search engines to love each profile.

There are best practices that need to be in place, but if we build your network and then maintain the most up-to-date recipes, all you have to focus on is great content.

Take it one step Farther: Use the Perfect Keywords

Then the next choice presents itself…

You can start writing your own content using highly searched keywords…


You can let us do all the heavy lifting, giving you more time to RUN YOUR BUSINESS.

If you do decide to write your own content, the keyword research is crucial. Use the powerful tools like and to help you know which keywords you can leverage to gain traffic.


Use the keyword early in the title and in one or two headlines (called H1 and H2’s) in your blog. Also, make sure you don’t overuse the keyword or use it meaninglessly (called keyword stuffing), as the search engines frown on this practice.

Of course, we can do the keyword research and write keyword optimized content in your own voice with your company’s persona and tone. All you have to do is approve the final blog or article, allowing you the time to do what you do best–run your business.

Apply the Secret Sauce

We have one other step we are using to see our dramatic increases in rankings. We have access to a restricted program that applies the real mojo, using live humans to click through to your blog article after searching it. This dramatically increases the initial value Google gives to your post launching it forward in its placement on search results.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

The speed at which you climb the search engine results totally depends on the competitiveness of your keywords.

If you are going after search results on a very broad term (ex. luxury bedding, prostate cancer, etc.), gaining rank takes more time.

By strategically using longer search terms that still have a solid amount of search, you will typically see the fastest results (ex. Tuscan luxury bedding, prostate cancer surgery side effects).

Local search term ranking tends to be more accelerated than national terms, though rank with even national terms can be gained (luxury bedding in Frisco, prostate cancer treatment in Dallas, TX).

But Ranking Alone Isn’t Enough–You Need Revenue

Ranking on a certain term doesn’t matter if it doesn’t lead to revenue. You need people to click onto your site who are ready to spend their money on your products and services.

This starts by watching which keyword terms most often turn into paying customers. Your Google Analytics tool, when set up properly, can show you which keywords and resources and leading to paying customers.

Your content must also be valuable to the reader, convincing them to move farther into your sales funnel. A dry, SEO-only written article might get visitors to your site, but unless it is practical and relevant, providing solutions to their needs, it won’t keep them on your site and convert to revenue.

Don’t get suckered into the ranking alone measurement. Your Google Analytics account will tell if you if people coming through your supercharged blogs, content, and articles are staying on your site and visiting subsequent pages.

If you don’t know how to read your Google Analytics Account, we can do a simple training session to:

(1)make sure it is set up properly

(2)tell you how to simply read the sometimes overwhelming report.

You CAN supercharge your business blog and fresh content to ensure the most people as well as the best possible candidates see it and respond.

Our Syndication Network Creation start as low as $600 for the creation and $100 per month to maintain your network. Call us at 817-889-1487 for a FREE consultation. We’ll assess your needs and let you know what program best fits your business.