Scaling Your Facebook Ads for Better Results

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So you’ve taken our advice and used Facebook more for its ads-driving-traffic-straight-to-your-website capability than it’s business-page-highly-limited-organic-content-reach (Don’t know the difference in these social media marketing strategies? Start with that link).

Now that you have some Facebook ads created and live, and are watching the results.  It’s time to optimize and scale them.

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This great article from Jon Loomer’s team will show you several ways you can scale your ads. (Of course, if this all sounds too complicated, we’ll be happy to do it for you so you can focus on running your business.)

If you ask a dozen different Facebook advertising experts how to properly scale accounts, you’ll no doubt receive a dozen different answers. Scaling effectively doesn’t follow an easy-to-follow recipe.

But if you’re someone who enjoys multivariate testing, monitoring campaigns closely, and moving potential customers along your sales funnel in creative ways, scaling will be very rewarding. You’re also probably a super nerd like me.

That said, if you’re someone looking for a “set it and forget it” plan, scaling will prove difficult and tiresome. Scaling techniques change frequently and with just a minor algorithmic shift, your ads can quickly turn to dust after performing perfectly the day before.

This article will tell you how to scale your ads in terms of:

  • Typical Vertical Scaling vs. the Benefits of Horizontal Scaling
  • Scaling a Lookalike
  • Setting Up Your Audiences
  • Overlapping
  • Avoiding Showing Your Ad to the Same Person Too Many Times

Read the entire Jon Loomer article here:

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