SEO Results: Texas Breast Center


Valerie Gorman, MD FACS approached us when she needed search engine optimization for her Texas Breast Center website. Dr. Gorman is a noted breast cancer surgeon who practices in the Baylor Scott and White hospital in Waxahachie, TX.

How We Tackled TBC’s SEO Campaign

We started by adding content to Dr. Gorman’s website as she only had a single page indexed. We also noticed the dreaded Discourage Search Engines button was left checked to the “on” position in WordPress so we quickly killed that to allow the search bot to crawl her page.

We then began the arduous process of gathering keywords, and giving them a competitive ranking based on the average number of searches a keyword received in a month compared with the number of results present in Google that we are competing against. This allowed us to build out the client’s silo structure and interlinking strategy.

Once this was established we built out all the pages we needed in order for the site to rank along with building a huge 5 tiered syndication network. Each article that is published on the site gets pushed out to over 100 platforms and we mix in other relevant content.

Next, we unleashed the big guns building a massive drive stack of Google properties to tap into Google’s narcissism. Then we keep working our other magic which we don’t disclose to anyone but our clients.

The Results

Dr. Gorman had zero rankings when we started the project in January. ZERO!

Now she is ranked in the map pack for very competitive search terms and organic rankings are growing daily.

Here are her rankings based on a search that originates in the Waxahachie, TX and surrounding area in Feb of 2018 a little over a month and a half after we launched the campaign.

While we are extremely proud of the results we have achieved, we would note they typically don’t occur QUITE this fast. We love helping Dr. Gorman save lives as patients discover her online. We’d love to help you, as well.