How Does Blogging Help Your SEO?


While we don’t usually advise blogging alone as an SEO strategy to be used as the sole tactic of growth, it still works, especially if paired with syndication network.

Case Study: Blogging for SEO

We recently took on a management consultant as an SEO client who had very limited resources in their budget this year dedicated to search engine optimization.  Since we couldn’t do a full SEO program, we advised them to allow us to build out a syndication network and to start a schedule of consistent content creation on their blog. We properly siloed their website, installed a key proprietary plugin and then started weekly long-form articles. Then we started blogging for SEO purposes.

This was also a great opportunity for us to test a single, isolated element of search engine optimization since it was all they were doing in terms of SEO.

The Results of SEO Improvement by Blogging Consistently

The results speak for themselves. Many of their keywords related to services offered jumped from not being found to dramatically moving up in ranking (blue boxes) to the first page of Google (pink boxes) and drove traffic to their respective articles which were linked to their service pages. how does blogging improve SEO?

These terms represent over 6,000 searches per month on which the client is now able to leverage to their own site.

This strategy also works well if you know you want to do future SEO but don’t have the current resources to launch a fuller-scale campaign. By consistent blogging and syndicating each article to the syndication network are strengthening the foundation of your site. When you do flip the switch on a more robust SEO program, it will take much less effort because:

1) Your site is set up with silos properly and has tons of interlinking between articles that occurs because of the plugin we install on your website.
2) Google and other search engines see a ton of relevant content, which they like and consider heavily in ranking decisions.

In the meantime, you can enjoy some increased rankings merely from the content creation efforts on your blog. For this particular client, they had us write the articles since we have some power SEO writing know-how. Other clients choose to write their own content and then have us edit and optimize it. Either method works.

If you want to get this established on your website, let us know. It’s quite affordable, and we’ll be glad to help.