How Do I Get to #1 on Google? Get Past the Hype SEO

This question is often used in the pitch by SEO agencies in their cold call…

“Would You Like to be #1 on Google?”

“Of course,” the business owner answers, “I’d love to be #1 on Google. Who wouldn’t?”

“We can guarantee that,” answers the SEO pitch person.

Here’s a secret, any decent SEO-er can get you to #1 on some keyword. It’s not that hard.

The problem is that it will be a keyword on which no one searches and, thus, has no competition.

how to i get to #1 on google

For example, if you sell specialized dog food for poodles, the fraud-type SEO agency will then get you to number one for “pink poodle with blue eyes dog food” and say, “See you are #1.”

The problem is that NO ONE searches that term.

The key questions to ask when you get this pitch to immediately are:

  1. How many monthly searches are done monthly on that term you will get me #1 on?
  2. Can you show me the tool you are using to ascertain that?

We use to report our data. We’ll gladly show you your dashboard on Ranktrackr.

And here is a free piece of wisdom, a #4 or #5 Google ranking on a massive volume search terms is better than #1 on a low volume keyword.


Transparency is rare in the search engine optimization world, but it’s something on which we pride ourselves.

We’ll show you:

  1. What we are doing on your account each month in terms of activity (most agencies won’t in any specific terms.)
  2. What ranking results are occurring because of the activities.
  3. The amount of traffic flowing to your website as a result of your organic SEO campaign.

Measurable, Easy to Understand SEO Results

You’ll know your search volumes for each keyword we target, and we go after the lead keyword (example: poodle dog food, dog food for poodles) AND long-tail keywords (example: dog food for young poodles, nutrition for poodles).

This approach works whether you are a product provider, service provider or content provider.

We have a proven approach to target these keywords:

  1. Do the keyword research to determine search volume and competitive results.
  2. Silo (organize) your site according to your keyword research.
  3. Build a Google Drive Stack to build your site’s authority.
  4. Put schema code in the header of each page to tell Google exactly what this page is about.
  5. Publish user-focused ongoing content optimized around the higher search volume keywords.
  6. Push this content out through a syndication network.
  7. Build healthy backlinks to the syndication network.
  8. Add in regular Press Releases to increase strong citations across the internet.
  9. Deeply interlink this new content to create an internal web on your site that all points to the main keyword landing page.
  10. Continue to optimize the structure of the site as new content is added.
  11. Other strategies we’ll share within our free consultation (we don’t share these publically).
  12. Track the results and report the activity, results, and traffic your campaign is leveraging.

We Freely Invite You To Compare

Be wise when you chose an SEO agency. Unfortunately, there are many SEO agencies who are snake oil salesman and they give reputable agencies a bad name.

We know it’s important you can fully trust your SEO agency, and we bring an unprecedented degree of radical transparency on all aspects of your search engine optimization campaign.

In fact, we dare you to find another agency with the same degree of SEO transparency. If you do, they are most likely a reputable agency. Why? Because transparency cuts through the hype.

We want you to be a long-term client and that occurs when deep trust exists.